Tvasta has successfully developed a Bioprinter that can print using live cells and is in the market currently as a product named Tvasta Origin. In the long run, Tvasta sees immense potential in the Pharmaceutical sector for Personalised medication and the 3D Printing platforms that Tvasta has developed can enable Deep Personalisation.


Identifying the growing demand for research opportunities in areas like tissue regeneration,organ & Cell printing, Tvasta built an exclusive R&D printer to cater to their specific research purposes.

This printer can print a wide variety of materials with varying viscosities and buildability.

Product Highlights

Works with photopolymers. Provides a UV curing mechanism.

Enables multi material deposition.

Guided and Simple to use Software.

Printer Delivery

Once we receive a written approval from client we will make a product document according to customer’s requirement which needs to be signed by both Tvasta and the client.

Service Support

We value profitable operations. We believe this is achieved by the ease of use of the innovative product.

We offer free software upgrades for the first year.

We also organize training sessions to help our clients operate our machine.

Printability consultation will be provided on a charged basis.