Tvasta has developed 3D Printers capable of building large-scale structures in the area of Construction 3D Printing. The end to end technology that Tvasta has built is unique in nature and is at the cutting edge of the current industry standard.

Tvasta is working with large scale construction giants and also the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to 3D Print Affordable Houses for the Housing for All Programme and Toilet Modules for Swachh Bharat Mission.


Built the R&D Printers to promote research in Concrete Materials and develop 3D Printable Concrete Mixtures

Reduces Risk of Investment 1/10th

Reduces the cost of venturing into Construction 3d Printing by more than 1-10th

Setting new standards

Material testing and development services for 3D Printing Concrete in collaboration with IIT Madras

Product Highlights

Print aggregates upto 8mm

Centralized and Automated Control

Supports different Nozzle shapes

Service Support

We value profitable operations. We believe this is achieved by the ease of use of the innovative product.

We offer free software upgrades for the first year.

We also organize training sessions to help our clients operate our machine.

Printability consultation will be provided on a charged basis.

Want to purchase a research Concrete 3D printer? Kindly reach out to us at info@tvastagroup.in