What we do

Tvasta is a company founded by four IIT Madras alumni in 2016.

Tvasta focuses on Industrial 3D Printing and is a Technology driven company that builds systems and applications for 3D Printing.

Tvasta aims to enable Production of End Products using 3D Printing and is working towards making 3D Printing a mainstream technology for Industries.

Tvasta sees itself as a Platform + Applications company. The focus at Tvasta is on developing 3D Printing Technology Platforms. Tvasta leverages these technology platforms to target very specific Applications in various industries which can deliver very high value to its customers.


Tvasta began as a project at the Center for Innovation (CFI) in IIT Madras in mid-2014. The founders (Adithya VS, Vidyashankar C, Santhosh Kumar, Parivarthan C) established the 3D Printing Club of IIT Madras in CFI to build innovative products using 3D Printing and to spread awareness about this technology.

The efforts in 3DP Club into a more serious one by collaborating with Professors in IITM and taking up our hobby-oriented Club work as Academic Research. As part of the Academic Research, we built the first SLS based 3D Printer in India.

The founders also worked on a few industrial projects related to 3D Printing where the potential for Customized 3D Printing solutions in the Industry became clear.

The four founders then got together in August 2016 to commercialize research work and established Tvasta as a company focused on 3D Printing.


Technology Development Board 2019

Best Startup of the year

Vishwakarma Award 2018

Best Startup of the year in Construction Industry

Construction Philosophy

Best Startup of the year


Awarded for the project which aims to achieve Customized manufacturing of PEEK Implants specific to the Patient in the area of Spinal Surgery.


Awarded for the project which aims to characterize Drug Delivery Tablets for chronotherapy of rheumatoid arthritis using 3D Printing.


Awarded for the automated process development of placing reinforcements during Construction 3D Printing process.


Tvasta is one of the eight startups selected by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to display our products to Prime Minister of India in Asia Pacific Housing forum held in New Delhi from 17-19 th July 2019