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  • The Future of Pharmaceutical 3D Printing

    Are you aware of the concept of “Personalized medicines“? If you are a researcher who is working on Drugs or a Technology enthusiast looking out for opportunities or from a Biotech background working with cutting-edge technologies, this article will help you in understanding the paradigm shift that the Medical field will undergo due to 3D […]

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  • Four M’s of Additive Manufacturing

    Introduction 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing is transforming the manufacturing sector currently and soon it is believed that it will bring out lot of changes across different verticals.To unleash the potential of Additive manufacturing it is so important to understand the way it functions and its constituents. In this article, I shall try to explain […]

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  • A new approach to Wire-Arc based Additive Manufacturing Process

    Introduction We all know that Additive manufacturing has been used as a design and prototyping platform for nearly two decades but times are changing now and the Industry has switched on from prototyping to product making. Although in its infancy, it has clearly demonstrated its ability to revolutionize the way products can be designed, manufactured […]

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