Project Details

PROJECT: Concrete 3D Printed Chair


CLIENT: Studio Maverick Design

OUR JOB: A Concrete 3D printed chair of dimensions 450*450*400 mm



We were approached by a Design Studio in Bangalore named Studio Maverick Design to create a customized chair.

The founders themselves being passionate architects was very well aware of the revolution Concrete 3d printing was creating in Architecture.

They gave us a simple & minimal design which was inspired by additions and subtractions of basic geometry.

Our Client was from a strong design background. We initially spend more time together with them in helping them understand the working of this technology, flexibilities, and limitations. We took them to have a look at our process. The beauty of this particular product is that, the design was married to the technology in this case.

Product Features

The raw 3d printed concrete texture received a good response in the market with this product.

This product was used as a chair and coffee table thus serving multi-purpose.

A robust chair which blended so well inside a creative design studio.