Project Details

PROJECT: Room 3D Printing


CLIENT: IIT-Madras,Civil Department

OUR JOB: A Concrete 3D printed room of dimensions 1.8*0.8*2 m

TIMELINE: 2 weeks


Tvasta being the pioneer in Indian concrete 3d printing industry had developed the technology in collaboration with IIT-Madras after three years of research.

We were approached by IIT-Madras,Civil department to erect a Concrete 3d printed structure as a proof of concept to demonstrate our expertise to the world.

Our team of experts led by Prof.Manusanthanam  initially evaluated the structural aspects of the room, designed the 3d model,developed the material mix and carried out the printing process with a team of 2-3 skilled engineers.

Product Features

Rebars are placed in hollow sections of the wall for tensile strength.

Strength is superior to M35 equivalent concrete.

Textile reinforcements at the vertical joints. 

Hollow structure with provisions for wiring and plumbing without damaging.